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  • March 14th, 2009 | 10:07 AM
Six on Saturday

I think I am having a blog identity crisis. That's my excuse for being away from the blog for the last couple of weeks. It has nothing to do with the second go-round edits on the Alamo book, revisions on the baker's dozen ESL books, working on the Web 2.0 for authors presentation I'm giving next week or the article on antagonists in children's literature that gave me no end of grief when it came to interviewing editors.

Never mind that I also have 25+ native plants sitting in the courtyard waiting for me to plant them. (2 more manzanitas, a bunch more native strawberry, yet another ceanothus because I so love that plant, and lots of plants for the two pot ponds and surrounding moist areas.)

So despite, or perhaps because, of all that going on, here are my six random thoughts on Saturday.

#1 - Regarding Flyboy, I am pondering the paternity question. Not that it would be a big twist but it might add something interesting/different to the story.

#2 - Regarding Plant kid, I am absolutely aching to work on him right now but I also know that it isn't quite the right time yet.

#3 - I really need a system of some kind in order to feel a teeny, tiny bit more organized. Instead of getting work down in spite of myself I would like to get more work done because I have my act semi-together, at least on alternate Tuesdays.

#4 - I am thinking a lot about Tricycle Press and Ten Speed being sold to Random House and wondering how it is going to affect me. When I saw the most recent Tricycle catalog I was so excited because my book, Hugging the Rock, was in there not once, not twice, but THREE times! Once under hardcover backlist, once under paperbacks, and once under award winners. I don't know when I'll see the trickle down effects of the changes but I know they will be coming.

#5 - Matt and Kathy at Yerba Buena nursery  (California Native plants) rock! They are great with answering my questions and making sure I have just the perfect place for my plants.

#6 - Dave the dog walker also rocks. He comes twice a week and walks Cassie for an hour. When she gets home she's so tired that she sleeps for 2 hours or more.
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